Agreement Dd 254

Dodano: 04:23, 08.04.2021

c. Delete the new portions of paragraph (d) as a paragraph (e) and add a new paragraph d, paragraph: d. twice of paragraph c) (2) „Offeror” and add to their „Offeror” points; If the audit is completed and no changes are required, the program provides a copy of the review to the contract office. The contract office will then inform the contractor in writing that Form DD 254 will remain valid until the next revision or modification of the program. Director, Office of Government-Wide Acquisition Policy, Office of Acquisition Policy, Office of Government-Wide Policy. 3) Amend paragraph 2.101, paragraph b) by alphabetically following the term „Commercial Code and Government” as follows: Revisions to Form DD 254 are completed when security instructions or relevant information change or if a mission change affects the contract to ensure that security requirements are up to date and relevant throughout the contractual life cycle. This includes changes to the contractor`s address when they perform classified work in their plant. one. Remove from paragraph (b) the introductory text „and the Director of Central Intelligence” and replace „the Director of the National Intelligence Service and the Minister of Homeland Security”; B. Removing paragraph b) (2) „Industrial Security Regulation (DOD 5220.22-R.”) and addition of „DoD Manual 5220.22, Volume 2, „National Industrial Security Program: Industrial Security Procedures for Government Activities”” in its place; There you go. B. Removing the end of paragraph a) (1) „Entity; or” and the addition of an „entity in a clear position”; or „in his place” Form DD 254 must be checked every two years.

The program should conduct this review in coordination with the program manager of the business office and the contract office to ensure that existing security requirements are in compliance with contract requirements. When the review is completed and changes are required, the program and the ISS must provide a revised copy to the contract office. The contract office will then prepare a bilateral contract amendment with the new DD 254 form. c. Removing point b) „DLA” and adding „Defense Logistics Agency” in its place, removing paragraph d) „NSPA” and adding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Assistance and Procurement (NSPA) in its place; and (e) the removal of paragraph c) (3) „NSPA” and the addition of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) in its place; 5. Amend section 4.403 by removing the introductory text „contract as follows” from paragraph c) and adding „contract, as stated as follows in the documentation of requirements” and revising paragraph c) (1) as follows: 12.