Agreement Management Jde

Dodano: 05:28, 08.04.2021

Include the status of the contract to be used when cancelling a contract. This section provides an overview of the definition of the agreement, lists the conditions and explains that this feature is not available during order inputs. To change a purchase contract after orders are registered, return to the order acquisition program. You can choose from these memo functions to add an explanatory message to an agreement: Note: To award credit contracts during transit confirmation, you can use either sales order management or transportation management. Enter a value indicating whether the agreement is a type of credit/credit. Values are: In the Agreement Selection Form, check the item number and the remaining amount to complete the agreement in the retail area. Enter the actual date on which the contract or agreement was signed. This may or may not be equal to the effective date. Enter a value that identifies the place of storage that provides the item for the execution of the agreement. The value must match these source codes: the system searches for all available chords and displays a check mark in the linehead column and in the „Conventionexist” column. You can compare the expected schedule you entered in the Agreement Quantities form with the actual amounts contained in the reservations assigned by the system to the agreement. With this comparison, you can compare the expected schedule with actual compliance.

Select a contract for the work form with the agreement base and select the contract quantity in the Line menu. UX One Sales Agreement Page – Monitor and effectively manage distribution agreements with better visibility. Before awarding credit contracts during shipping confirmation: Contract Processing tab processing options for delivery and loading confirmation programs determine whether the system assigns the agreement or whether you need to select it from the Contract Selection window. UX One Procurement Agreement Analysis Page – Analysis and control of purchase agreements using different parameters through better visibility.