Umich Telecommuting Agreement

Dodano: 15:03, 19.12.2020

The aim of this directive is to provide uniform guidance for unrepresented, full-time and eligible workers in the field of telemutation services on a regular and/or recurring basis. Additional telemutation and flexibility opportunities may be available, as the university continues to act as part of its COVID-19 secure return plan and the Federal and Federal States covid-19 guidelines to incorporate Michigan`s Safety and Health Rules (MiOSHA). 4.3. Telemut is not an organizational benefit available to all eligible workers and does not change the standard employment policy and other conditions of employment. [Effective according to COVID-19: in the event of a time conflict, the requirements of the management division are before the schedules and telecommunications agreements defined in a telework contract. The supervisor/manager reserves the right to temporarily or permanently terminate the telecommunications contract in the event of a change in the responsibility of the work that may conflict with the agreement or if there is concern about the performance of the work. Superiors/managers will do everything in their power to provide appropriate notice when changes to the telework contract are warranted.] 1. Why is a standard telework contract and guidelines being developed? a. Michigan Medicine Leadership supports telecommuting agreements, if appropriate and possible, at management`s discretion. In order to alleviate our parking and space problems, Leadership recognizes the need for Michigan medical standards for the easy implementation of a telemuting agreement. The Michigan medical departments have the power to implement a telework contract, it is not a requirement, no matter how encouraged, if possible. A. If you are willing to continue to move your personal (s) off-site to start telecommunications, you will need (as a supervisor, manager or manager) to visit the HITS service portal and fill out the „Telecommuting IT Preparation for Approved Work for Home” catalogue to submit your application for review.

Here you can find the documentation on the process of preparing telework HITS. Please fill out this form, even if the user already has the necessary devices to remotely, as HITS must update the documentation to ensure good support for the devices. 2. How do we apply telecommunications guidelines and standards? A. While the guidelines and standards were more worker-focused under a regular telework agreement, the guidelines and standards may apply to sporadic/occasional telemutation agreements, in addition to workers in non-exempt and exempt positions. If an employee is in a regular/consistent telemutation event, a telework agreement should be reached. There is no need for a telework agreement for sporadic/occasional telemutations. Please contact your HR business partner for any specific questions you have about Michigan medicine guidelines or standards.