Oecta Agreement

Dodano: 08:56, 11.04.2021

As the basic terms settlement protocol is also ratified by OCSTA and challenged by the Ontario government, the association will now begin the process of negotiating between local OECD units and Catholic school boards on the local terms of their respective collective agreements. „COVID-19 URGENCE and the challenges teachers, students and families face when we look at this unique form of distance learning are a priority for everyone,” says Stuart. „However, our association remains committed to starting discussions with school management as quickly as possible and to negotiating fair agreements.” Accessed your local collective agreement and the province`s comparison memorandum in 2015. Liz Stuart, the OECD president, said the union would suspend all strikes until members vote on the deal. This should happen on April 7 and 8, the union said. „This was a particularly difficult round of negotiations, during which the government attempted to implement significant cuts to publicly funded education,” said OECD President Liz Stuart. „Our negotiating team has given an enormous amount of time and effort to reach an agreement that will allow Catholic teachers to continue to provide quality long-term training.” The agreement makes the OECD the first of the four major teachers` unions to reach an agreement in a highly controversial round of negotiations. The agreement was reached on March 12 by the OECD, the government and the Trust Association of the Catholic School of Ontario (OCSTA). The negotiations brought together more than 50 meetings. In a sign of resistance to government positions and support for the OECD negotiating team, Catholic teachers took part in their first national strike, including four full one-day withdrawals. This fall, secondary classes will increase from an average of 22 students last year to 23, and all local collective agreements that set maximum class sizes will be maintained, it is said late last month that the government has signed interim agreements with unions representing the province`s 12,000 Francophone teachers and 83,000 primary teachers. The ratification votes are scheduled for the end of this month.

The agreement allows the association to continue to pursue a constitutional challenge to the government`s cap on compensation increases. OTTAWA – Members of the Ontario Teachers` Association have ratified an agreement on a new treaty after months of controversial negotiations and four one-day strikes. „Catholic teachers made it clear at every step that we would do what we needed to defend students,” says Stuart.